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  • Medjool

    Taste: Rich, caramel-like
    Texture: Chewy, pulpy and tender

  • Segai

    Taste: Mildly sweet
    Texture: Juicy & soft with crunchy base.

  • Sukkari

    Taste: Crunchy-caramel like taste
    Texture: Crisp and firm

  • Khidri

    Taste: Raisin-like caramelly taste
    Texture: Chewy and sticky

About Omara

Our story

It was almost a ritual for us when we were young. A habit more like. Every evening we would head out, collecting our treats and enjoying them while we stared at the beautiful sunset sky. As kids, we were never stopped from enjoying these delicacies, thanks to the abundance of nutrition in them.

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